CW Reboots 80’s “Beauty and the Beast”

The CW and CBS Television Studios are developing a contemporary reboot of the late 80’s drama fantasy series “Beauty and the Beast” reports The Live Feed.

The new version, to air on The CW, is described as a “modern-day romantic love story with a procedural twist”. The original show followed the relationship between Vincent (Ron Perlman), a mythic noble man-beast, and NYC assistant district attorney Catherine (Linda Hamilton). The show ran for three seasons.

“Brothers and Sisters” duo producer Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper are attached to pen the project and executive produce alongside Paul Witt, C. Anthony Thomas, Ron Koslow and Bill Haber.


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  1. From the pilot script I’ve read this reboot is definitely not like the original -It should not have been promoted as such -While it is a beauty & beast type themed show, they shouldn’t have named the main characters Catherine & Vincent -I had high hopes for a B&B remake, but I wanted it to be more like the original with all the romance & fantasy -I see none of that in this reboot, especially with the character of Vincent, who was once a unique, mysterious being with a gentle soul -Now he’ll be a genetically altered hairy human super soldier? -I honestly thought the script was a joke & not authentic -I am truly disappointed that it was true –(Btw, In addition to original fans many new fans have discovered the series through the DVD’s)

  2. WOW I hope you’re wrong cause that sounds like a dumb idea for a show even if it was called something else. And why in hell would the ruin a the name of a great show like Beauty and the Beast with crap like that..

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