DC Loses Trademark Dispute With Loans Firm

DC Comics has lost a trademark dispute against New Zealand-based loans firm Superloans.

The country’s assistant commissioner of trademarks, Jenny Walden, yesterday ruled that the company’s mascot Buck does not infringe on DC’s Superman license.

Superloans’ character bears a passing resemblance to a caricature of the Man of Steel, but is garbed in green with a dollar symbol on his chest. Walden concluded that there are “clear differences” between the two designs.

“Although it was clear Buck was a superhero because of his ‘exaggerated musculature’, fitting body suit and his ability to fly, there were clear differences between the two characters,” she told The Dominion Post.

“The shield on Buck’s chest with a dollar sign was far different to Superman’s, and his portrayal holding money went against Superman’s altruistic nature.”

DC was ordered to foot a quarter of Superloans’ legal costs, which amounts to $3,570 in New Zealand currency (£1,700). The lawsuit ran over three years.


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