CBS’ Modern Holmes Series Upsets BBC America

Earlier this week, it was reported that CBS had given the go-ahead for a new modern version of Sherlock Holmes called Elementary.

If that premise sounds a bit familiar, you’re right. The BBC currently has a version of that called Sherlock. (And it’s brilliant, by the way. If you haven’t seen it, go and watch the first series NOW on Netflix streaming.)

Turns out BBC America thinks the concept is a bit too close to what the BBC is doing and they’re not happy about it.

BBC America chiefs have labelled the project as a “blatant… copy” of UK drama Sherlock, claims The Mirror.

“We want Sherlock to rate big in the States and this could take the shine off it,” an unnamed source apparently told the tabloid.

A ‘US TV source’ added: “The success of Sherlock in the UK has been major factor of bringingElementary to life. We believe this modern twist will appeal to viewers. We want fresh American faces in the role.”

For fans of the UK version of Sherlock, don’t fret–the series has already been given an order for a third season. And producer Steven Moffat has promised we won’t have to wait a year and a half between new episodes this time around.


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