Kitsch Worked Hard for “John Carter” Role

Actor Taylor Kitsch says the first thing he after his audition for John Carter was head to the bookstore. He says it was because he wasn’t familiar with the series of novels on which the movie is based.

Kitsch tells USA Today that the audition process for the high profile role was ”very intense.”

Director Andrew Stanton says that Kitsch was always in his top list of finalists for the role, based on the work Kitsch did on Friday Night Lights.

“But I would always give the caveat ‘but he’s probably too young,’ ” says Stanton, who makes his debut directing a live action film with John Carter.

Stanton says that IMDB helped Kitsch get the role when he discovered that Harrison Ford and Sean Connery were both 30 when they took on their iconic screen roles of Han Solo and James Bond.

Kitsch said that while he doesn’t see John Carter as a superhero, the character does come from that mold.

“That’s a huge part of the relatability factor of it. He’s just a guy, a Civil War vet that’s lost everything, his family, his cause, and he gets put into these insane circumstances, and gets another chance to find that purpose within himself,” he says.


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