Lawrence Feeling “Games” Excitement

With anticipation building for The Hunger Games, actress Jennifer Lawrence says she’ s beginning to feel the passion and fervor the fans have for the books and the big-screen adaptation.

“For so long, I didn’t see The Hunger Gamesexcitement,” Lawrence says. “I knew it was there. But I hadn’t heard the screaming girls. I hadn’t really felt it.”

Lawrence says that changed Sunday night for the Hollywood premiere of the film.

“Seeing it all just makes it so real,” she said. “This is just really humbling. It’s amazing.”

“It’s really just a relief to know that I have seen the movie and that it’s good. Thank God,” she added. “It would not be good to let these people down. “

The fans are feeling it as well. A new survey shows that anticipation for the film is higher than last year’s Breaking Dawn, Part One and many in Hollywood are predicting a huge weekend for the film when it opens.

Meanwhile, fans in the UK will have to watch a slightly edited version of the film. The UK ratings board insisted on seven seconds of cuts to the film to get it down to the more family friendly 12-rating.


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