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Ultimate Spider-Man vol.17 Clone Saga review

This is a re-imagining of the Clone Saga.The Clone Saga was originally thought up after the backlashing Marvel got from fans after killing off one of Peter Parker’s girlfriend,Gwen Stacy.It was created to write Gwen Stacy off instead of straght out killing her which they had already done btw.That was their dilemma and eventually the story I review now was born.It just so happened it made for a great graphic novel and gave life to anther great web fighter.

This story is twised and dramatic.Peter Parker’s world is turned upside down in a single evening.Guest stars include Fastasic Four,Nick Fury,the Ulimates,X-Men and of course this is how Spider-Woman came to be.In this tale things aren’t what they seem and is very chaotic,Spider-Man is pushed to his mental limits and everyone is watching.

I thought they did a great job portraying the mental strain someone would most likely feel in this sitution.Not only does Peter Parker have to deal with a variety of enemies but also finds out people who he thought were dead aren’t,defeated enemies aren’t so defeated and that allies have been secretly plotting against him the whole time waiting for him to break.All this while trying to live a so called normal teenage life.

I’m a huge fan of the Spider-Man comics and this collection of the Clone Saga is really good.I’d recommend any fan pick this up and read it,I’m also a Spider-Woman fan btw.Just a great read.Outta of 1-5 I give this novel a 4.20.


Review of From Dust

Developer:Ubisoft Montpellier Publisher:Ubisoft

From Dust is what I’d call a God simulator/puzzle game.You control certain aspects of the world to meet a desirable conclusion,helping your tribes along by creating safe paths and keeping them safe from the elements of nature.It be a task because nature is really trying to kill these poor people.

I’ll start off by saying this is a new experience,I’ve not played any game like it before.It is not like Black and White or like Populous(which are both great games btw).If you want a Black and White type experience on XBLA might I suggest World of Keflings,thought it was a very good game also but with Populous sadly I’m still waiting.Now with that outta of the way I’ll move on.

This game is fun and I found it creative,found myself over doing things many times to craft the world I wanted.Challenge mode was very good also,really making me think about what I should do and not always following the same rule that are in the actual campaign,like for example I had to let a village burn to save three others.It is a very nice looking game,I would find myself zooming out for a good view many times.

Good points said I’ll also address some of the annoyances.The AI tribesmen would not always go where you wanted/needed them to go.You have no direct control over the people in the game,you just kind of try to show them the way.This can be a frustration.Also the controls themselves can be problematic.Zooming in is great but when you zoom out is where the issue lies,it becomes hard to focus on any one thing and the movement is really fast over shooting the target altogether.So close zoom is the way to go.

Replayability really depends on your preference as a gamer.Someone like me could play this many times and do different things to reshape my worlds,not every one would be like me.I did feel like it was missing a true free roam mode,the last level is pretty close though.So replayability is really up to the individual.

I am very happy with the presence,was worth 1200 Microsoft points($15) to me.Found my complaints about the game to be pretty small and in no way game breaking.I’m also hoping for a sequel and some DLC.The experiance was new and different to me,made me think and see the benefits and sometimes the repercussions of my actions.Outta of a 1 to 5 score I give From Dust a 4.05.

Review of X-Men:Messiah CompleX


This graphic novel is a collection of crossovers and one of the better ones I’ve read.Takes place in the aftermath of House of M,Decimation and endangered Species.The illustrations are beautiful and very colorful,you really get a sense of the chaos ensuing on every page.

Mutants have been driven to the brink of extinction thanks to Wanda Maximoff,the Scarlet Witch.She used her mutant powers to obliterate the X-gene,that’s the gene responsible for mutants.This didn’t kill the mutants,just made them completely human.This also did not effect all,I say roughly 1% of mutants retained their powers  and that’s how a handful are left to fight in this story.

A mutant messiah has been born,the first new mutant since the X-gene incident.Some even called her a mutant anti-christ.Several different factions are heading toward this child,each with their agenda.X-Men,the new X-Men,X-Factor,Predater X,Sinister and his Marauders,the mutant hating religious group the Purifiers just to name a few.

I found this novel to be a great read.Many die,some survive but barely.It is truely a species at its worse.Many twist and turns,the story had me rethinking what I had previously thought every other page.It is a trying time,the novel really showed the desperation and extreme state the Marvel mutant universe is in.

I think all X-Men comic book fans should definitely read this novel.I couldn’t put it down and read it within a day.Outta of 1-5 score I give it a 4.80.It will be added as one of the greats I’ve read.

The Green Hornet review

This is a film adaptation of the Green Hornet tv show that aired in 1966 to 1967.The Green Hornet character however dates all the way back to 1936 making a presence in radio shows and comic books.

Rated PG-13.Directed by Michel Gondry.Written by Seth Rogan,Evan Goldberg.Cast of stars include Seth Rogan,Jay Chou,Cameron Diaz,Tom Wilkinson and Christoph Waltz.Run time is 1 hour 59 minutes.

Seth Rogan plays the role of Britt Reid,a cocky rich guy who ultimately becomes the Green Hornet.Jay Chou plays the role of Kato,a mechanical genius and martial arts expert.The two unlikely pair team up to be form the sometime comical and uneven team.

I found this to be an enjoyable movie,some parts could have been left on the cutting room floor but for the most part it was a decent movie.The cars and gadgets were pretty cool even inducing some wow factors.This is certainly not a film to take to seriously and has many funny moments.

This movie was worth the time I spent watching it,parts in the middle did drag a bit but the movie still hit a mark for me.Funny and and cool I found it to be well worth the rent.My rating system is from 1 to 5.

I rate The Green Hornet a 3.90


Section 8:Prejudice review

Section 8:Prejudice is a sci-fi first person shooter,sequel of Section 8.You play as Alex Corde,member of the 8th Armored Infantry.Humans have been spread out acrossed the stars creating colonies and of course war.To protect earth the United States Armored Infantry was formed(USIF).This sets the ground work for the single player campaign.

Section 8:prejudice is easily one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games,right up there with Castle Crushers and Shadow Complex in my opinion.For $15 its packed tight with sci-fi shooter goodness.It has a 5 hour single player campaign,a four player co-op Swarm mode(Firefight/Horde) a couple of 32 multiplayer modes(soon to be a third).This arcade game even has dedicated servers and some of the best support I’ve seen.

Campaign is decent for an arcade game,it was fun for me so I believe that is really all I can ask for.Do think a co-op campaign would have been a great add though.There were two really good boss battles I liked alot and the plot was nice.It drew me in and kept my interset threw the duration of the game,also liked the twist it took.

Multiplayer is where this game really shines threw.It is very competitive and customizable.The game uses loadouts and each player gets five loadouts.You use different loadouts for different objectives your trying to achieve.Wanna fight a tank then you need stronger armor with rocket launcher with modded mortars.There are so many different ways to customize your loadouts that its highly unlikely you’ll run into anyone with the exact same loadouts as yourself.Let me also not forget to tell that you can also fill emty slots with bots and the bots are decent in this game.

Spawning system is very clever and one I’d like to see in more games.You pick your own spawn and drop outta orbit kind of like sky diving but free falling like a rocket,you can also impact kill enemies this way which is very nice.Anther nice touch is the overdrive run,run super fast which makes it very easy to cover ground on the huge maps without a vehicle.There are three different vehicles you can buy in the game(you get money for objectives and kills)bike,mech and tank.I love the bike and mech,the tank takes a team to fully take advantage of it’s might.You also have deployables you can buy,they range from anti-air turrets to medics.

Gameplay of Section 8:Prejudice is extreme team based action.I’ve heard it compared to Halo but its nothing of the sort.Does have a Halo look but the looks of this game are deceiving.This is probably one of the best team based game I’ve played this gen.Its not the easiest game to master but if you can you’ll enjoy it.

Timegate has kept the support for Section 8:Prejudice a maximum releasing a free gametype and soon will release second free gametype.They have released four maps,two maps per pack(320MSpts for each pack).Hotfixes and updates since release as well along with community events.I got much more then I expected when I bought this game for $15,I think many retail games could learn a thing or two.

Section 8:Prejudice is already on Xbox Live Arcade and PC but will release on PS3 July 26.

This is my first review so I’m going to go from 1 to 5.I give the single player campaign a even 3.0 for you single player people out there.Give the mutliplayer a 4.10.I’ve gotta give it points for being a cheap downloadable game and for the great support.

I rate Section 8:Prejudice a 4.5 overall.

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