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Shazam Gets New Look


DC is rebooting Shazam later this month with a new costume and new attitude.

The New York Post recently revealed the new character design for Shazam by artist Gary Frank. The new look sees the hero hooded and with a cloak.

“You’ll notice that Shazam looks different from many of the other heroes we’ve seen in DC Comics – The New 52,” editor Brian Cunningham told The Source. “That was definitely intentional. His powers come from a different place, and we wanted to see that reflected in the design. We’ve removed the ‘circus strongman’ elements from his costume. Rather than a traditional cape, he wears a cloak with a hood; there’s more of a mystical, magical, fantasy feel to that.”

“With Shazam, Gary and I will be focusing on the magic hero instead of the super hero,” added Geoff Johns, who will be writing the rebooted character’s debut in Justice League #7. “For centuries, science has ruled the world, but now magic is returning. We’re telling the story of the hero’s young alter ego, Billy Batson, a foster kid at a crossroads in his life.

“The question is, how does the emotional journey of this troubled teenager collide with the fate of the world? The Rock of Eternity and the legacy of Shazam will be explored in a different way as the extent of Billy’s connection to the magic world around him is greater than ever before.”

Johns previously revealed that the character would no longer be known by the name ‘Captain Marvel’.

The character will feature in the Curse of Shazam back-up feature in Justice League, which will be released on March 21.


Columnist Argues Batman Should Kill the Joker

The Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime have been engaged in a dance on the pages of comic books for years now. Now Tauriq Moosa with Big Think argues that Batman should finally break his own cardinal rule and eliminate the Joker permanently.

“The Joker is a clear example of ‘an unstoppable’ force that can be seen to harm,” Moosa writes. “The Joker proves time and again his disregard for law, any semblance of respect for other lives, and his consistent need to create chaos in a methodical way. No prison can hold him, no punishment will effect [sic] him, no treatment will cure him. All have been tried, all quiver into dust or, like Harley Quinn, are transformed into another tool for his plans.”

Moosa argues that even permanent incapacitation of the Joker (if such a thing is possible) is ineffective, since his psychological presence in Gotham City seems dangerous enough on its own.

“What’s powerful is not The Joker’s physical presence but what he can create and conjure,” he writes.

Therefore, Moosa argues that death is the only answer if Batman wants to save the most lives and prevent the most catastrophes, and even thinks that the Caped Crusader could pull it off and still keep his virtuous image intact.

“Batman could make it such that The Joker’s death appears to be an accident,” Moosa said. “This means The Dark Knight can retain his image as a nonlethal superhero, but still have the chaotic force of The Joker forever gone.”

“Dr Who/TNG” Crossover Will Have Cameos

When the Doctor arrives on the Enterprise later this year, expect not only the dual threat of the Borg and the Cybermen by lots of cameos by familiar faces.

“It was definitely discussed,” revealed Denton Tipton, one of the editors of IDW Publishing, in an interview with “So you have to check it out and see if he [Q] makes an appearance, but there will be lots of little cameos that everyone will enjoy. We got lots of little easter eggs for everyone on both sides.”

Lots of little cameos and easter eggs for both Star Trek AND Doctor Who fans sounds like a smart plan made in geek heaven to us!

The upcoming series will run eight issues so there’s plenty of time for a cameo or two. It’s even been hinted that Q might pop up.

Ultimate Spider-Man vol.17 Clone Saga review

This is a re-imagining of the Clone Saga.The Clone Saga was originally thought up after the backlashing Marvel got from fans after killing off one of Peter Parker’s girlfriend,Gwen Stacy.It was created to write Gwen Stacy off instead of straght out killing her which they had already done btw.That was their dilemma and eventually the story I review now was born.It just so happened it made for a great graphic novel and gave life to anther great web fighter.

This story is twised and dramatic.Peter Parker’s world is turned upside down in a single evening.Guest stars include Fastasic Four,Nick Fury,the Ulimates,X-Men and of course this is how Spider-Woman came to be.In this tale things aren’t what they seem and is very chaotic,Spider-Man is pushed to his mental limits and everyone is watching.

I thought they did a great job portraying the mental strain someone would most likely feel in this sitution.Not only does Peter Parker have to deal with a variety of enemies but also finds out people who he thought were dead aren’t,defeated enemies aren’t so defeated and that allies have been secretly plotting against him the whole time waiting for him to break.All this while trying to live a so called normal teenage life.

I’m a huge fan of the Spider-Man comics and this collection of the Clone Saga is really good.I’d recommend any fan pick this up and read it,I’m also a Spider-Woman fan btw.Just a great read.Outta of 1-5 I give this novel a 4.20.

Review of X-Men:Messiah CompleX


This graphic novel is a collection of crossovers and one of the better ones I’ve read.Takes place in the aftermath of House of M,Decimation and endangered Species.The illustrations are beautiful and very colorful,you really get a sense of the chaos ensuing on every page.

Mutants have been driven to the brink of extinction thanks to Wanda Maximoff,the Scarlet Witch.She used her mutant powers to obliterate the X-gene,that’s the gene responsible for mutants.This didn’t kill the mutants,just made them completely human.This also did not effect all,I say roughly 1% of mutants retained their powers  and that’s how a handful are left to fight in this story.

A mutant messiah has been born,the first new mutant since the X-gene incident.Some even called her a mutant anti-christ.Several different factions are heading toward this child,each with their agenda.X-Men,the new X-Men,X-Factor,Predater X,Sinister and his Marauders,the mutant hating religious group the Purifiers just to name a few.

I found this novel to be a great read.Many die,some survive but barely.It is truely a species at its worse.Many twist and turns,the story had me rethinking what I had previously thought every other page.It is a trying time,the novel really showed the desperation and extreme state the Marvel mutant universe is in.

I think all X-Men comic book fans should definitely read this novel.I couldn’t put it down and read it within a day.Outta of 1-5 score I give it a 4.80.It will be added as one of the greats I’ve read.

Batman: The Dark Knight review

Let me just say this I’m a big fan of David Finch’s work from his Cyberforce work to his Ultimate X-Men stuff.   So when I first heard he was writing and drawing my favorite comic character of all time Batman I thought it was a match made in heaven.  When I read issue one of the series I wasn’t that impressed with the way the book move to honest I was confused from page to page and sometimes panel to panel.  But I the art was great to look at but I wanted to read a Batman story, not some crap that made me have too flip back a page or two get something.  To finish my quick review by saying this I’m not hooked on the book but I will read a couple more issues and see if it gets better if not sorry David and DC no Batman: The Dark Knight for this geek.

2 out of 5 stars


Superman: Last Son

The trade was written by Geoff Johns and Richard Donner who directed the first live action movie in 1978 and part of the second one. The art was done by Adam Kubert who I’m not a big fan of his style but his style fit the book good. The first three parts of the story were published in Action Comics #844 through #846. The fourth part was delayed and released with Action Comics #851 cause of Adam Kubert’s health problem that he had than. The eleventh annual of Action Comics, released in May 2008 which completed the storyline. The story introduces the original character, Christopher Kent and puts the film villains General Zod, Ursa and Non into the regular DC Universe continuity. For a comic fan who doesn’t like Superman that much you should read this trade. Cause the story is really good, Geoff Johns and Richard Donner do a great job with all the characters and they keep you wanting to read the whole story. I would have to say my favorite part in the trade is after Superman and Lois adopt Christopher and they are heading into the Daily Planet too introduce him to everyone at work. And when they are in the elevator they are get their stories straight and when Superman says how good Batman is good at faking documents Christopher ask who is Batman Lois replies you can’t meet him until your sixteen and Superman mentions Wonder Woman and Lois replies not until your eighteen which is funny as hell. In closing if you are like me and don’t reading any Superman unless he appears in other titles, I would have say go pick it up and read it you will not be disappointed.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars


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