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The highly-anticipated release of the newest zombie game had a lot of people on the fence. In a world where zombie games have been the genesis of the RPG movement, they now clutter the playing field. Dead Island, I have to say is far more superior than any out there. I say this not particularly because it is a polished gem, but because it’s a ton of fun. For those of you gamers living under a rock, Dead Island is a first person RPG game that features open world roaming. The focus is on melee combat, incorporating customizable weaponry, vehicular customization and blood- soaked combat. Many advance comments on the web have been comparing Dead Island to Dead Rising (as you can create weapons) and Left 4 Dead (as the action is first-person and good for four players online), but once you trudge through the clunky opening sequence and the mediocre cutscene animations, be prepared for a wild ride that offers at least 20-25 hours or more of zombie slaying goodness.  The island of Dead Island is a resort somewhere off the coast of Papua New Guinea where, of course, a mysterious virus has transformed all but a handful of survivors into brain-munching maniacs.  The premise in Dead Island is actually quite flimsy and exists solely for the purpose of hanging the bloodbath action on it. However, what the game lacks in story, it more than makes up in gameplay, allowing players to do what we all love to do best in these melee-focused games — and that’s get medieval on hordes of the undead. This is an aspect that any zombie game should strive for, because it allows us as players to attack, brutalize and dismember countless multitudes of humans, guilt-free. The world of Dead Island is beautiful, and you want to spend time just exploring it as you discover endless side quests and character progression that will have you burning through hours without even realizing it.

The main characters wake up in the Palms Resort hotel to find the island attacked by zombies and mysteriously, they are immune to whatever is making people into zombies. As they try to find and help other survivors, they must also find a way to escape the island. The players go through a series of both main and side quests. There is an experience system as well as a skill tree system. There is also a stamina bar, meaning that after a set amount of action with a weapon, the character will need to stop to regain their stamina before continuing to attack. Players will need to use flashlights in dark areas and during nighttime sections, adding suspense to an already creepy game. This is where the game succeeds, and not because of its carnage, but because the world allows the players to create as they explore environments that range from gorgeous beaches, sinister zombie-infested buildings and dark sewers. City streets are littered with city-tight alleyways overrun with creeps, forcing you to change your fighting style from all-out slaughter to a strategy-based approach. Survival becomes the name of the game, instead of a body count.

There was a characteristic of the gameplay that I particularly enjoyed: the sound effects and ambiance of the landscapes. The beachfronts and jungle areas felt very real to my ears, and there was the constant eeriness of listening to jungle birds, then the howl of oncoming zombies. By the way, kudos to the designers for the sound design of the zombie’s wail.  Audibly, the zombies howl and yell instead of making the  monotonous moaning sound of some other games.  I found that extremely engaging and really quite clever. The threat level in Dead Island is surprisingly high, which is exactly how a zombie game should be. You have a limited stamina bar, so you can’t run or swing your weapon forever. Med kits were few and far between, so pay attention to how you expend your energy. Sure, it might me a blast to chop that island zombie into teeny tiny bits, but you quickly learn that your stamina will go down fast. So scavenging for energy drinks and fruit and any other various power-ups become just as important. The same thing goes for weapons; they downgrade pretty quickly, so finding a workbench to keep weapons in tip-top shape is even better than finding an epic weapon to use.

As brainless as you might expect a zombie melee game like Dead Island to be, after you spend a few hours navigating the game, you’ll find that you spend time choosing and finding the best weapons, when and how to attack your enemies, what quests are worth the effort of pursuing and which ones you should leave behind. It may take a little more time, but sell those weapons you don’t need instead of dropping them.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Island. I’m interested in seeing what the DLCs have to offer. This game has a very high replay value. Also, multi-player is a must. I didn’t like the fact that you can’t split-screen as you can in L4D2, but, overall, I’m satisfied with the game as a whole. So, go out and purchase this game. 4.25 out of 5 from the Gods of Geek.


Review of From Dust

Developer:Ubisoft Montpellier Publisher:Ubisoft

From Dust is what I’d call a God simulator/puzzle game.You control certain aspects of the world to meet a desirable conclusion,helping your tribes along by creating safe paths and keeping them safe from the elements of nature.It be a task because nature is really trying to kill these poor people.

I’ll start off by saying this is a new experience,I’ve not played any game like it before.It is not like Black and White or like Populous(which are both great games btw).If you want a Black and White type experience on XBLA might I suggest World of Keflings,thought it was a very good game also but with Populous sadly I’m still waiting.Now with that outta of the way I’ll move on.

This game is fun and I found it creative,found myself over doing things many times to craft the world I wanted.Challenge mode was very good also,really making me think about what I should do and not always following the same rule that are in the actual campaign,like for example I had to let a village burn to save three others.It is a very nice looking game,I would find myself zooming out for a good view many times.

Good points said I’ll also address some of the annoyances.The AI tribesmen would not always go where you wanted/needed them to go.You have no direct control over the people in the game,you just kind of try to show them the way.This can be a frustration.Also the controls themselves can be problematic.Zooming in is great but when you zoom out is where the issue lies,it becomes hard to focus on any one thing and the movement is really fast over shooting the target altogether.So close zoom is the way to go.

Replayability really depends on your preference as a gamer.Someone like me could play this many times and do different things to reshape my worlds,not every one would be like me.I did feel like it was missing a true free roam mode,the last level is pretty close though.So replayability is really up to the individual.

I am very happy with the presence,was worth 1200 Microsoft points($15) to me.Found my complaints about the game to be pretty small and in no way game breaking.I’m also hoping for a sequel and some DLC.The experiance was new and different to me,made me think and see the benefits and sometimes the repercussions of my actions.Outta of a 1 to 5 score I give From Dust a 4.05.

Section 8:Prejudice review

Section 8:Prejudice is a sci-fi first person shooter,sequel of Section 8.You play as Alex Corde,member of the 8th Armored Infantry.Humans have been spread out acrossed the stars creating colonies and of course war.To protect earth the United States Armored Infantry was formed(USIF).This sets the ground work for the single player campaign.

Section 8:prejudice is easily one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games,right up there with Castle Crushers and Shadow Complex in my opinion.For $15 its packed tight with sci-fi shooter goodness.It has a 5 hour single player campaign,a four player co-op Swarm mode(Firefight/Horde) a couple of 32 multiplayer modes(soon to be a third).This arcade game even has dedicated servers and some of the best support I’ve seen.

Campaign is decent for an arcade game,it was fun for me so I believe that is really all I can ask for.Do think a co-op campaign would have been a great add though.There were two really good boss battles I liked alot and the plot was nice.It drew me in and kept my interset threw the duration of the game,also liked the twist it took.

Multiplayer is where this game really shines threw.It is very competitive and customizable.The game uses loadouts and each player gets five loadouts.You use different loadouts for different objectives your trying to achieve.Wanna fight a tank then you need stronger armor with rocket launcher with modded mortars.There are so many different ways to customize your loadouts that its highly unlikely you’ll run into anyone with the exact same loadouts as yourself.Let me also not forget to tell that you can also fill emty slots with bots and the bots are decent in this game.

Spawning system is very clever and one I’d like to see in more games.You pick your own spawn and drop outta orbit kind of like sky diving but free falling like a rocket,you can also impact kill enemies this way which is very nice.Anther nice touch is the overdrive run,run super fast which makes it very easy to cover ground on the huge maps without a vehicle.There are three different vehicles you can buy in the game(you get money for objectives and kills)bike,mech and tank.I love the bike and mech,the tank takes a team to fully take advantage of it’s might.You also have deployables you can buy,they range from anti-air turrets to medics.

Gameplay of Section 8:Prejudice is extreme team based action.I’ve heard it compared to Halo but its nothing of the sort.Does have a Halo look but the looks of this game are deceiving.This is probably one of the best team based game I’ve played this gen.Its not the easiest game to master but if you can you’ll enjoy it.

Timegate has kept the support for Section 8:Prejudice a maximum releasing a free gametype and soon will release second free gametype.They have released four maps,two maps per pack(320MSpts for each pack).Hotfixes and updates since release as well along with community events.I got much more then I expected when I bought this game for $15,I think many retail games could learn a thing or two.

Section 8:Prejudice is already on Xbox Live Arcade and PC but will release on PS3 July 26.

This is my first review so I’m going to go from 1 to 5.I give the single player campaign a even 3.0 for you single player people out there.Give the mutliplayer a 4.10.I’ve gotta give it points for being a cheap downloadable game and for the great support.

I rate Section 8:Prejudice a 4.5 overall.


F.E.A.R. has come a long way in its six year run. In this world of FPS, this series has always brought something new and different to its fans.

F3AR gets right back into action nine months after the last installment. As we all should remember, Alma is pregnant after raping you at the end of F.E.A.R. 2. Alma is about to give birth and it is up to her two sons to battle their way to her in order to be there for the birth. One son, Point Man, has orders to end the birth while the other son, Paxton Fettel, wants to raise the child and continue his families reign of terror.

You initially play as Point Man and can go back as Fettel later as you complete each level. F3AR has a single player, split screen and online co-op options. My reviews are usually personal rather than your typical long boring reviews, so I will finish up with what I experienced.

Anyone who has played F.E.A.R. knows that you have to play against soldiers as well as creatures. This one is no different. I thought that the graphics were smooth. The game is bloody as hell and very gory at times. Alma will spook  the hell out of you throughout the game. I have done both Co-Op and single player campaign. I really enjoyed both, but I must say the game is totally different in Co-Op. I enjoyed Co-Op much better, because there are so many difference in the game as you have a partner that can heal you, revive you and watch your back. Fettel can take control of the body of others. Just makes the game more interesting. My son and I will be going back and playing the game on Insane on Sunday; as I have played Commando and Fearless modes so far.

The online play is pretty amazing and a huge step up from the previous F.E.A.R. online attempts. The have taken the ideas from Call of Duty’s Zombie and made a style of game play called Contractions. Basically you can pick up supply packages each round in order to gain more weapons and build barricades to protect yourself . Enemies spawn in “wave” fashion, but you can’t rebuild the barricades until the end of each round making it a little bit harder. Also, there is another mode called “Soul King”. This is a free-for-all style match where you possess people’s bodies in order to gain souls. If you kill an opponent, then all the souls they have collected drop. It reminds me of “Head Hunter” on Halo Reach. Just some great online play that you don’t want to miss. Another mode is called “F**king Run”. Basically there is a wall of fog coming for you and you have to run through areas full of enemies; if the wall touches any of the players, the game is over. It’s very fast paced and you need to just f**king run.

No worries in the game. I experienced one glitch and posted it on youtube. The name on there is xxxtheizxxx if you want to watch it. I died and when I was re-spawned, I was placed behind a wall and could not move. It was just weird but nothing of great concern. The game has two endings, so be sure to see them both as the Fettel ending is my favorite. OMG that was soooo bloody!!! F3AR has major replay value and I highly recommend that you purchase it as soon as possible. Alma is waiting……..

I’m changing my grading system to 1-5, five being the highest. F3AR receives a 4.25 out of 5. I’m in love with Alma, what can I say.


Red Faction: Armageddon Review

Red Faction: Armageddon is the fifth installment to this amazing series including Battlegrounds on XBox Live Arcade . In this edition, you play as Darius Mason, the grandson of Alec Mason. The nemesis to Mason is Adam Hale, a terrorist that sees the Red Faction as an oppressive government, who wants to see them destroyed.

This is a third-person shooter that has the same feel as RF: Guerilla. The weapons are almost the same with a few new guns and tools. Taking a step back in the mines as the first RF is the best possible scenario that Volition, Inc & THQ could have taken. The open world in the Red Faction: Guerilla was a bit much. RFA is entirely a linear game. The most open world that you get is if you play on the  co-op modes. There are different routes that you can take, but if you are like me, I tend to backtrack and collect as much scrap metal and ammo as possible.

The game play was exciting at times. RF: Armageddon is action-packed to say the least; although, sometimes the game can seem repetitive, it is still lots of fun and will keep you on your toes. I say no glitches at all. This is a very well-developed game with a high replay value. Once you defeat the game, you unlock cheats, hard mode, insane mode, and all weapons.

Other features with RF: Armageddon include Infestation which is a horde mode game type. You can play by yourself or online with up to four players. Infestation has 16 different mission levels and 30 waves in each. You also can achieve rank in this mode. I enjoyed this mode quite a bit as the levels got more and more challenging as you increase waves. After each wave, you have the option to change out your weapons. After completing each wave you can receive new weapons and perks.

Ruin mode is basically where you try to destroy as many buildings and cause massive destruction in a set time with a set goal. I believe this was developed from RF: Guerilla and carried over because it was so much fun the first time. If you are renting the game, this is the only mode that you will not be able to play. This requires an online pass for some reason. I thought that it was very strange that you could play Infestation online but not Ruin.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Red Faction: Armageddon. I highly recommend purchasing this game. As I said before, there is high replay value here and I rate this game 8.25 out of 10.

HUNTED: The Demon’s Forge

Bethesda has done it again. I may be bias when it comes to Bethesda, but I absolutely love their games; well, except for Rouge Warrior. I mean, what the heck was that anyway.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is an absolute unexpected win. I didn’t think much of it to begin with. As I kept playing the game just became more interesting.

Caddoc and E’lara are the main characters in the game. Caddoc with his fear of bugs but brute nature is great in close-quarters combat where E’lara is the last of her kind, Elven, and is impulsive and best used for long-range battle. Each come equipped with a sword and a bow. Later you can upgrade to where you character can hold up to two melee weapons and a bow as you unlock secret areas and progress through the game. Mana and Health potions are critical to survive.

The game play is best experience in Co-Op. Single player can be fun, but the AI player seems to gets lost at times. Hunted also features Split Screen, multiplayer and a Crucible Map Editor where you can create, play and browse other maps created by other players. Gold can be found throughout game play, but it is only used to open Tiers in the Crucible that allow you to use larger maps and more enemies.

Hunted is highly replayable as you can get achievements for finishing the game as each character and also earn more gold to unlock more items in the Crucible.

As far as glitches, I ran into a couple that I posted on under my name, xxxtheizxxx. Also, a couple of levels I had to restart due to a bridge not coming down like it should have. All games have a certain amount of glitches, so nothing major to be of concern. I highly recommend Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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